Do you lie awake at night trying to get to sleep but finding that your mind is going round and round in circles? Do you wake up in the night, look at the clock and then realize you have hardly slept at all? Perhaps you find that once you wake up then you just can’t get back to sleep?
One of the most common issues that people come to see me about is insomnia. Hypnosis for insomnia is a very effective way to let go and relax. It’s how I first came to hypnotherapy myself so I know how well it works! Sleep issues can affect all of us at some time in our lives. Many people find they have never felt that they get a good night’s sleep. Others feel that something has happened that stopped the sleep from coming quickly and easily, and then the new habit of sleeping badly just got worse.  The really good news is that if you sleep badly it is just a habit. You can change that habit and find yourself able to sleep so much easier in the future. I help clients with many issues and not all of them are things that I have personally experienced.
I spent the first half of my life sleeping very badly. I would lie awake at night with thoughts rolling round my mind. I would never get anywhere with them, but my mind would be so active that I just would not be able to fall asleep. When I did fall asleep I would wake up in the night and then find myself unable to get back to sleep, so I would lie awake tossing and turning and wishing that I could just get back to sleep. Over twenty years ago I first sought help with hypnotherapy for my own sleeping problems. I learned that in fact I had just created a bad habit and an expectation that I would not sleep well. I changed the habit and now I fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.
It is surprisingly easy to change those bad sleep habits and end up sleeping well again. Often people come to me saying they have tried everything and now want to look at hypnosis for insomnia. The ironic thing is that hypnotherapy is all about learning to relax, so often trying it first would have saved a lot of time. Remember when you were small and slept like a baby? You may not, but you did, and so you can get that feeling back!