A phobia or fear is a good example of what we call a one-trial learning experience. So, you get bitten by one dog, or mistreated by one dentist, or stuck in one elevator, and your brain sets up a generalization.
As children we generalize in situations, and so for instance we open a door and say “Oh yes that’s how doors work”, or otherwise we would have to learn to go in and out of a room every day. So our mind can be very sensible in the way it works. But occasionally we have a very negative experience in relation to a dog, dentist or elevator and we set up what we call the flight-or-fight response in connection to that, so anything that reminds us of the original incident, like the smell of the dentist’s office, or the thought of getting on an airplane is enough to get us frightened again.
So, the thoughts of our unconscious mind are not logical but purposeful, and its purpose is to help you to survive. It is creating too much fear in response to a perceived threat.
Using old-fashioned methods of delving into why that is can take months and months. However, the techniques that hypnotherapists for phobias use to help cure your fears and phobias now mean that you can let go of that fear in a very short period of time.
Of course, this can happen at any age, not just as a child. Often as adults something happens which sets us back, such as a driving incident, and then we end up being affected in exactly the same way.
Hypnotherapy for phobias works across so many different issues. Fears such as public speaking as I mentioned, fear of spiders, fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of enclosed spaces. There are so many that it would take pages to name them all, but perhaps you have one of your own? Would you like to be rid of that fear for good?