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Oscar Rodriguez
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Close your eyes and imagine an improved version of yourself. What is different, what have you changed to improve yourself? A new hairstyle? New clothes, less weight? All of these are visual signs of a change in your appearance but will you have made any fundamental changes to your inner self?
Hypnotherapy can help with many different issues, from sessions for stopping smoking to losing weight to more deeply-rooted issues. Whatever your issue, whether it is something common or something out of the ordinary, hypnotherapy may be able to help.
I believe in helping people to transform themselves and their lives.
In order to achieve a successful transformation, you have to start at the foundations and work your way up.
A fad diet, a new hairstyle and clothing will not be permanent. You are simply making temporary changes without building the base. You must learn why you do or not do something and work on changing that.
I follow a simple strategy to lead you to the improved you.
Hypnosis is not a magical spell I cast on you. It is a centuries-old psychological tool. I can assist but not force.
The first step is the hardest step which is admitting that you need help. Once you have conquered that, it is time for the second hardest part which is reaching out for that help. Hopefully, you will reach out in the right direction. I am waiting to guide you through your transformation from beginning to end.
Our initial consultation begins the Awareness phase. This is the concept of taking inventory of your life so that you can make smart choices. It is vital that you are aware of where you are, where you want to go.
If you are ready to create a new chapter in your life you have to be willing to close the last chapter and look forward to making a change. Change is the most consistent part of human experience. It is impossible not to experience a change in your life. When people say they are scared of change, what they really mean is that they are scared of losing control over the change, over any part of their ‘normal routine.’
The new version of you cannot and will not start until you embrace the fact the changes will happen, and that it is you who needs to be the driver of the vehicle we call “change”.
“I cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Oscar. It has been a game-changer in my life in a very positive way. I highly recommend him!”



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